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Our members range in style and ability, and write for differing genres. Our members have churned out poetry and prose in sci-fi, romance, children's books, humour, crime, fantasy and any other genre you can think of. We are not all published writers, although most of us are actively seeking publication. Some write only for magazines or competitions, and some for private pleasure, with no interest in publication. At the moment we include novelists, poets, dramatists, and short story writers with the main emphasis on prose fiction. We are a varied bunch of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds.

This website is designed with the following aims:

• Members upload short examples of their work for other members and experts to make comments and suggestions.

• Members' work is not visible outside the group unless the author specifies that it may be.

• Blairwriters has a volunteer 'host' who will welcome you and generally encourage you.

• The overall aim of Blairwriters is to provide support, advice, stimulation and encouragment to its members.




Membership is FREE! There is no obligation on you other than to enjoy the members only pages, where you can submit your work if you wish and/or comment on other members' work. Copyright always remains with the author. If you live locally, you can join us at any one of our meetings, details of which are published on this website. If you live further afield, you can still join our online group by being recommended by one of our members or by purchasing our anthology "Warmth & Wit". You will then be offered online membership at no extra cost.




1. Attend one of our meetings or

2. Get a recommendation from one of our members or

3. Purchase one copy of our anthology "Warmth & Wit"


How to join online from anywhere in the world!


Even if you cannot attend our meetings and you do not know any of our members, you can still join our online group free of charge. We ask that you purchase at least one copy of our anthology "Warmth & Wit" from this website. Please email admin for online membership and type "Warmth & Wit" in the title of your email. Or send us a message via our contacts page. Thank you.


  • Purchase Warmth & Wit from this website.
  • Email admin@blairwriters.co.uk
  • Type "Warmth & Wit" as subject heading.
  • Allow 48 hours for response.
  • Welcome to Blairwriters Online!